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21 January 2024


pasby™ Phase 1 rollout commences on the 4th day of March 2024. With the upcoming release of this update, we are announcing the planned permanent deactivation of all issued pasby™ passes distributed during the demo run. This changelog update provides detailed information on the reasons behind this decision, what will happen to your pasby™, and the steps users need to take moving forward. Kindly remember we changed our name from BankID Nigeria to pasby™. So, when we refer to issued pasby™ here, we also mean your past BankID.

Reasons for Deactivation

  • Demo Run Completion: The demo run of pasby™ has successfully concluded, and as planned, all issued pasby™ will be deactivated permanently.

  • Non-existent national identity linking: Each demo pasby™ was created without any direct link to your identity in the state registry. All issued pasby™ will now be linked to your national identity as we advance. Don't forget this is the true reason we exist: To ensure you no longer have to duplicate your data across the entire digital economy landscape.

  • Security Enhancements: To ensure our users' highest level of security, we have decided to deactivate such demo pasby™ to prevent any potential misuse or unauthorised access.

When Will This Happen?

Our demo cycle began on the 13th day of March 2023. These changes will affect everyone whose pasby™ got issued at this time frame. It means you can no longer access our services with your current pasby™. The deactivation of each demo pasby™ commences on the 24th day of January 2024.

What Will Happen Now

  • Deactivation: All issued pasby™ from the demo run will be permanently deactivated.

  • Inaccessible pasby™: After the deactivation, such pasby™ will no longer be accessible or usable by their holders.

  • Data Protection: To protect user data, the pasby™ information will be securely stored and subsequently deleted in accordance with privacy regulations.

Next Steps for Users

  • Uninstallation: Users are advised to uninstall the pasby™ application from their devices as the passes will no longer be functional.

  • Data Cleanup: We recommend deleting any stored pasby™ pass data from your devices to ensure the complete removal of any sensitive information.

  • Getting a new pasby™: You can quickly regain access to our services by creating a new pasby™ with your real national identity right from the pasby™ mobile app in our upcoming Phase 1 mass rollout. The Phase 1 rollout commences on the 4th day of March 2023. Stay updated about this by visiting our webpage and following our socials.

  • Future Updates: Stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding the next phase of pasby™ passes, which will bring exciting new features and improvements.

We appreciate your participation in the pasby™ demo phase. The planned permanent deactivation of the demo passes is necessary to prioritise user security and ensure a smooth transition to the next phase. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Note: For any further inquiries or assistance, please reach out to our customer support team at [email protected]


17 November 2023

Announcing the Change of Name from BankID to pasby™

We were still regarded as representing the infancy of mankind. Our highly sophisticated culture was said to be simple and paralysed by inertia, and we had to be burdened with tutelage. - Kwame Nkrumah

Africa has come a long way since the scramble for independence and recognition of self-worth. Everything we need to work for ourselves is nothing more than a stone's throw away. In this ever-growing digital age of experimentation, we must look inwards for our digital solutions. Digital sovereignty is now a thing - so is Surveillance Capitalism.

Africa needs specific tools to protect industries and personnel at home. This is why we exist. - Finsel DGI Founder, C. Jackmay


We are excited to announce a significant change in our product's identity. As of today, our product name will transition from BankID to pasby™. This change was driven by our vision of creating a barrier-free digital Pan-Africa where innovation takes centre stage.

The decision to rebrand to pasby™ reflects our commitment to fostering a more inclusive and accessible digital landscape across the African continent. We aim to provide a platform that caters to the unique needs and aspirations of the African people, helping them overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.

With this strategic rebranding, Finsel DGI is set to revolutionise how Africans interact with digital services. pasby™ will serve as the foundation for a range of innovative products and solutions that address Africans' specific struggles and aspirations.

This change will allow us to better align our brand with the diverse African market and its growing digital ecosystem. By adopting the pasby™ name, we are embracing a Pan-African identity that resonates with our target audience and showcases our commitment to their success.

With the new name, pasby™, we will continue to provide the same secure and reliable single sign-on experience with seamless digital identification services we were founded to achieve. All existing users of the alpha product can rest assured that the transition will not impact their user experience or access to our services. All existing BankID-linked credentials will seamlessly carry over to the pasby™ brand.

Today - Nigeria is at the forefront. We begin with the digital sovereignty of the largest market in Africa.

Why pasby™?

In today's fast-paced digital world, security and efficiency are paramount. We are thrilled to introduce pasby™, a revolutionary platform that provides a smarter way to log in securely, share your ID data, or sign in with just one identifier. With pasby™, every action becomes smooth, simple, and recognisable, making your digital experiences seamless and hassle-free.

What's New?

With pasby™, you can now access various online platforms and services using a single identifier. Gone are the days of remembering multiple usernames and passwords! You can log in securely and efficiently, create new accounts, confirm transactions, or sign documents, all with just one identifier. This saves you time and enhances the security of your digital interactions.


  • Smarter Login: With pasby™, users can log in securely and efficiently using just one identifier. This eliminates the need for multiple login credentials, making the login process smoother and more convenient.

  • ID Data Sharing: pasby™ provides a secure way to share ID data. Users can easily and safely share their identification information with trusted parties, reducing the hassle and time-consuming process of manual data sharing.

  • Efficient Account Creation: Creating new accounts is now easier with pasby™. Users can quickly set up new accounts without filling out lengthy forms or remembering multiple passwords.

  • Transaction Confirmation: pasby™ enables users to confirm transactions conveniently. Users can securely authorize transactions with just a few taps on their mobile device, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

  • Digital Document Signing: Signing documents digitally is now a breeze with pasby™. Users can easily and securely sign documents using their mobile devices, eliminating the need for physical signatures and paperwork.


  • Addressed login issues: We have resolved several login issues that were causing inconvenience for our users. Now, the login process is smoother and more reliable.

  • Fixed data sharing bugs: We have fixed bugs related to data sharing, ensuring that users can securely share their ID data without issues.

  • Resolved account creation errors: Previously, some users encountered errors while creating new accounts. We have addressed these issues, and the account creation process is error-free.

  • Fixed transaction authorisation glitches: We have resolved glitches causing delays or errors. Users can now confirm transactions seamlessly.

  • Addressed document signing bugs: Bugs related to document signing have been fixed, ensuring a smooth and error-free signing process.


  • Enhanced security measures: We have implemented additional security measures to safeguard user data and ensure the highest level of security throughout the pasby™ platform.

  • Improved user interface: The user interface of pasby™ has been enhanced to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Users will find it easier to navigate and perform actions within the app.

  • Streamlined user experience: We have made several improvements to streamline the user experience. From simplifying workflows to reducing unnecessary steps, pasby™ now offers a more seamless and efficient experience.

  • Performance optimisations: We have optimised the performance of pasby™ to ensure faster loading times and smoother operation, even on lower-end devices.

With these updates, pasby™ aims to provide a smarter, more secure, and user-friendly platform for logging in, ID data sharing, transaction confirmation, and document signing. We are committed to continuously improving our services and shaping a digitally empowered Pan-Africa, where abundant opportunities and dreams can flourish.

What Will Happen Now?

By introducing pasby™, we aim to pave the way for a future where digital innovation knows no bounds. Our vision is to create a digitally empowered Pan-Africa where abundant opportunities and dreams can flourish. We are excited to embark on this journey with our valued customers, partners, and stakeholders.

As we continue refining and enhancing pasby™, we will listen closely to your feedback and incorporate your suggestions to improve the platform. Your satisfaction and security are our top priorities, and we are committed to providing you with an exceptional user experience.

Join us on this exciting adventure as we shape the future of digital authentication in Africa and beyond. Together, we can unlock endless possibilities and empower individuals and businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Tags: rebranding, pasby, digital identification, Pan-Africa, innovation, inclusive, accessible, digital innovation, login, ID data sharing, transaction confirmation, document signing, security, user interface, user experience, performance optimisations.

Developer Console
21 October 2023

How to add your app to BankID Console.

Quick guidde

Learn how to add your app to BankID Console with this easy-to-follow guide. Follow the steps below to seamlessly integrate your application and make the most of BankID's powerful features.

Go to console.bankid.ng

1. Create your first app

Click here

Create your first app

2. Identify your new app with a name

Click the selected button

Identify your new app with a name

3. Here's an example

Enter "Juniae" into the designated field.

Here's an example

4. What name would you like users to see on BankID Mobil

Click the selected option

What name would you
like users to see on BankID Mobil

5. Here's an example

Enter "Juniae e-commerce" into the designated field.

Here's an example

6. Select an app type

Select this field

Select an app type

7. Production?

8. Or Sandbox app?

Navigate to this section

9. Now create your app.

Select this option

Now create your app.

This guide covered the process of adding your app to BankID Console, from clicking on buttons to filling in specific fields. By following these steps, you can successfully integrate your application and unlock the full potential of BankID.

Developer Console
19 October 2023


  • BankID Console: We are excited to announce the first release of BankID Console, a default web application provided to consumers. This console serves as a central hub for developers and businesses to create BankID credentials, manage their apps, analyze integrations, and request production access for our microservices. With the BankID Console, users can easily navigate through different functionalities and streamline their development process.

  • Developer Resources: The BankID Console now provides developers with easy access to comprehensive documentation, APIs, and other resources. This will assist developers in understanding the features and capabilities of BankID, enabling them to integrate it seamlessly into their applications. Our team is also available to provide support and answer any queries that developers may have.

  • Organization Creation: With the introduction of the BankID Console, developers can now create their organizations within the platform. This feature allows developers to manage their apps more efficiently by grouping them under respective organizations. It provides a streamlined approach in organizing projects and simplifies collaboration among team members.

  • App Creation: Developers can make use of the BankID Console to create apps with our products effortlessly. By leveraging this feature, developers can define the functionality and purpose of each app within their organization conveniently. The console offers an intuitive interface that guides users through the app creation process step-by-step.


  • None


  • User Interface Enhancement: The BankID Console has undergone a user interface enhancement to provide users with an intuitive and visually appealing experience. The improved interface ensures seamless navigation and accessibility across different sections of the console.

  • Performance Optimization: We have made performance enhancements to ensure a smooth user experience while using the BankID Console. These optimizations include faster loading times, improved responsiveness, and overall system stability.

With these new features, improvements, and bug fixes in place, we aim to empower Nigerian developers with the BankID Console, enabling them to create secure and efficient digital solutions. We believe that this release will accelerate the adoption of BankID and contribute to a barrier-free digital ecosystem not only in Nigeria but also across Africa. Start developing with BankID today by visiting our BankID Console and unlock endless possibilities for your applications.